Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fall Happenings.

You know, I always thought I was a Summer baby. I love beaches, I love water, I love sun. But then today I was walking around in some of the most simplistically perfect weather I've ever experienced and I realized: I just never knew Fall could be so fricken' amazing.

So let's take a moment... in fact, let's take two moments... to enjoy some fall happenings today. (And to decorate our apartments with some pumpkin candles.)

Saturday, September 20, 2014

One last hurrah.

With one day left before mom's looming plane ride back to SC, we decided to go up to Everett and spend all of Friday with dad and Michael. 

We ate. We laughed. We escaped from dad and Michael for an hour or so to get some sanity back. 

It was bitter sweet the entire day because, despite the gorgeous weather and the lazy attitude we all took on, we knew that the peace couldn't last and that mom and I would have to leave early Saturday so she could make her flight. 

It was a special day, probably my favorite day of her whole trip here, with a subtle hint of fall in the air and a feeling of relaxation about it. 

I know that some of my friends think the thought of spending a week straight with their parents would be dreadful, or they can't imagine calling their mom every day... but I've always had a special bond with her that I can't explain and certainly don't feel ashamed of. 

All I can say is that she's amazing and unique and I am going to miss the hell out of her when she's gone. 

And mom, if you're reading this, I'm not giving up on you moving here! I'll tie you up and kidnap you if I have to. 

City of Laughs.

By Thursday night I was starting to feel sad at the thought of my mom leaving... I wanted to soak up every moment we had left together so I told her to come get me from work early and we went into downtown for some adventures. 

After strolling around and inexplicably ending up in a hotel/subway/convention center/orchid-sanctuary, we decided on sushi and a movie for our Thursday night entertainment. 

And boy, was it entertaining. We were seated next to the most rambunctious and outraged group of men, who were lobbying against their employer to get better--well--everything. Pay. Vacation. Benefits. You name it, they were up in arms about it. We just had no idea we were to expect dinner and a show! 

After our sushi happy hour, we crossed the street to go to the movie theater. It was mom's first time in a theater that was multi-story but she handled the escalators like a champ (despite the fact that she hates them) and I think she was at least mildly amused by Guardians of the Galaxy. 

Showing Seattle.

One of my favorite parts of having mom in town was showing her my version of Seattle. I was convinced that if she could see Seattle through my eyes, she'd love it as well. And seeing as how I shamelessly and relentlessly tried to convince her to move here the entire trip... I hope I did a good job.

Picnics in Magnolia? Check.
Strolling in Ballard? Check.
Shopping in Downtown? Check.
Touristing in Pike Place? Check.
Trying the local, hemhem, herbal product? Big 'ol check.

And along the way I'd show her where I grocery shop, where I take my bike, where I bus. Basically anything and everything to share pieces of my world with her. I wanted her to feel like she was a part of my life here and, hopefully, show her a wonderful life she could have here as well.

What do you guys think? Could she get used to a view like this?

Little China AKA Vancouver

One of the things I noticed about spending a week with my mom was that I was always much more entertained by the little things. 

She speaks all of the sassy thoughts that I have but keep to myself. Such as: Vancouver is actually more like a Mini-China with poutine thrown in. 

(Side note: Oh my God, don't even get me started on how delicious poutine is. Fritz European Fry House is by far the best. It isn't pretentious -- it's just french fries and poutine done to perfection.) 

In the end, we loved our day trip up to Vancouver.... it gave us a chance to sit in the car together for 6 hours and catch up on all the nonsense we've missed over the past year. I talked about Germany and what it's been like to completely uproot twice in a year. She talked about tennis and how grateful she is to have such great friends in SC. 

I also learned something very interesting about myself: I'm not so good at reading maps. And she's not so good at reading signs. Hey, what's an adventure if you don't get lost at least 3 times? 

The Chinese Garden.

Monday, September 8, 2014

A farewell and a hello.

I realized something today while I was at lunch with friends: summer is gone. How is that even possible? I feel as if it only just started!

I got this overwhelming sadness because it meant that my wonderful Amazon interns have all left to go back to school, it means that warm, lazy days are numbered and camping gear is being shoved to the back of the closet again. It means the days will only get shorter and shorter and Seattle will soon be it's sweet, oh-so-grey self again. It was like I could feel the absence of summer all afternoon.

But then this evening I was in my kitchen, chopping up lettuce for my lunch tomorrow, and I looked outside to see ... red leaves. Gorgeous, colorful red leaves. I had spent all afternoon mourning the loss of a beautiful summer when I should have been looking forward to this time between summer and fall where the whole world is changing and suspended in this unique limbo of colors.

So in homage to the first summer that Seattle has ever given me, I give you a quick re-cap of some of my absolute favorite moments. From quiet breakfasts in the sunshine to screaming my lungs out as I jumped out of a plane, this has been a summer I will never forget and it has taken me to places I never knew I could love so much.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hectic and Hills.

This has definitely been a hectic couple of weeks. Between starting my new job (which I LOVE) and getting acclimated to a completely new schedule again, I haven't had the time to stop and breathe. And blog.

First things first: zulily has been amazing. I have a great team surrounding me and my mentor and trainer has been a lifesaver. On top of his busy schedule he listens to my inane questions and answers them with patience, often stopping me when he can see frustration getting ahold.

I absolutely love this company. The office is a young, vibrant hub of activity and there are constantly new things happening as it continues to grow. If you guys aren't already shopping on zulily then you must be Loco Cocoa. Up until a few weeks ago I had no idea what kind of amazing deals they offered (although from first hand experience I can say: don't buy and expect it in the mail in a week, it's just not the business model). Probably the most difficult part of my job is not stopping to stare at the gorgeous clothes being pushed by on racks or spending hours in our studio, watching girls get dolled up and turned into models.

One of the not-so-fun changes in my schedule is having to deal with helmet hair. I really enjoy my morning bike ride into work but going home in the afternoon, completely uphill, is a total pain in my behind. By the time I get back to my apartment I am positively gross! Oh well, it's all a part of the deal... luckily for me, zulily offers money towards transportation so if I want to then I can take the bus during the rainy season.

Stay tuned over the next couple weeks! I'm going to try and get a few new blog postings up over the next few weeks and then I have my awesome guest coming to visit on the 11th so there's plenty to look forward to...

Until then, stay happy and healthy and in the sunshine my friends.